La sierra has trekking possibilities that vary in landscapes, terrain and time taken.
The following destinations take between 2 and 3 nights camping.
An average of four / six hours  walking each day. 
They include high passes and camps over 4.000 meters

1. Valle de Los Frailejones - Laguna Grande de La Sierra.
2. Laguna Grande de La Sierra –  Pulpito del Diablo – Lagunillas.

It is the most demanding, diverse and interesting trek.
 It summits five high passes and involves five nights camping.  
Presents a high diversity in trails terrain, landscapes and eco-habitat. 
Trekking experience is better.

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These Mountains have glaciers over 5.000 meters            
Camps over 4.200 meters      
Trips involve 2 or 3 nights camping.
Possible easy climbing (ice, snow and/or rock), few technical difficulties.

Ritacuba Blanco - San Pablin Norte - San Pablin Sur – Concavo –Portales – Toti - Pan de Azucar - Cerros de La Plaza - El Diamante - Picos sin nombre.

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Great possibilities on alpine, sport and traditional routes, designed for experienced or non experienced climbers, programs range from one day to multiple days, visiting one, two or three different climate and style climbing areas:
Suesca  - Mesa de los Santos – Sierra Nevade del Cocuy 



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